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MS Exchange MX?

23-07-2012, 10:54
the MX records of a domain name show what the mail servers to send an email to any box on this domain are. So if any one person wants to send an email to an account under your domain, they contact those mail servers.

You can see the MX records for any domain here (example for

So yes, if you want to use our Exchange packages, these MX records will have to be changed to point to OVH mail servers. As andy says, you'll be given this information when you purchase it, so you can change them whenever you're ready to start using the Exchange accounts.

Hope it helps.

22-07-2012, 11:23
No doubt you will be given the MX NS records when you sign up for the package.

22-07-2012, 04:50
Hi All,

I am considering getting Hosted Exchange with OVH.

However we currently have all our emails on 1 server hosted internally. However one email (my email) we want to move over to Hosted Exchange with OVH.

So I need to set our domains MX records to points to OVHs hosted exchange platform.

What is this?

Kind Regards,