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Problem coming from one of your servers

10-08-2012, 15:30

If you want you send a copy to and we can take a look at the issue.

09-08-2012, 23:21
Ok, but i believe some people has sent logs to but have got no reply either through out the week.

09-08-2012, 17:31

If you have logs then please send them to but we need recent logs of OVH IPs.

09-08-2012, 16:06
Hello, I've been getting problems from a website called which is hosted by you guys I believe.

I believe its hosted by you guys because the owner of the website also known as [AR51]Kevinos has been using your servers or something to ddos a couple of servers and some gaming servers.

I contacted your support about a week ago, they put me through another e-mail. I e-mailed them and nothing has been done apart from his other website which was trying to give people trojans. I thank you for removing that website, but the other site is still a problem with its ddosing/flooding.

I've been getting ip's in the ddos from you guys also his own, when the ip's where tracked it lead to OVH and his internet provider location that gives him internet at home.

I've been waiting for a reply from the support staff that deal with this stuff but nothing has happened and in that time he's been ddosing. I have chatlog of him actually admitting using your server

[15:06] [AR51]Kevinos: be careful, you are in server ovh a flood of 100Mbs your server in 30 minutes squeezed closed
But sorry for posting here but this was the last thing i could to actually get your attention and do something about this matter.