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Whos still about?

26-09-2012, 23:54
Im still lurking behind the racks

26-09-2012, 12:17
I'm still here

Still browse the forums since the free year kimsurf days

21-08-2012, 10:18
welcome back! it's been almost a year :'(

if you want to quickly catch up with the latest products:
you probably saw that before you left
-latest SP server:
-latest HG range:

just to quickly bring you up to date

21-08-2012, 00:56
Oiii! Still about..

16-08-2012, 15:50
Aint been here since I moved all my stuff to a different service provider.

Just got a new SP box here for personal tinkering so figured I'd come back and show my face and see if anyone is still alive?