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High Performance Computing

23-09-2012, 00:41
That's quite a nice addition to OVH's portfolio, which should work very well with the server expertise.

20-09-2012, 14:58
it uses Infiniband:

20-09-2012, 09:23
What sort of interconnect does it use?

19-09-2012, 09:49

We have the pleasure to announce that Oxalya, the HPC specialist, is now part of the group.

What is HPC?
Digital simulation by means of the high performance computing (HPC) is been widely used in the scientific and industrial research areas. Supercomputers are servers that have large amount of CPU and RAM resources and Infiniband bandwidth instead of Ethernet. Usually, it is a park of internally hosted servers.

We are all willing to follow the HPC market trends to externalise computing where Cloud Computing will be used more and more. Especially, on the level of companies that are rarely making calculations. They will no longer need to account for large investments in a park of servers, but will be able to rent a supercomputer on hourly or weekly basis. The HPC Cloud.

Oxalya has developed the software for HPC allowing a client to:

- make reservation of the supercomputer resources in a few clicks, and then reinstall it with all the necessary security options;
- use the supercomputer (scheduler mpi) and launch calculations, and then retrieve the results;
- visualise the calculation results without downloading them via VDI (remote workstation).

Oxalya also sells the HPC hardware and integrates their software for clients needing a supercomputer for internal use. This expertise is very interesting and will help HPC clients move towards solutions in the Cloud.

Welcome aboard!