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Bug in manager (feature change request)

26-12-2014, 06:16
I only noticed the bug because part of my ovh manager was unpopulated so I went and found the script and fixed it.

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20-09-2012, 17:48
If it is too much to stop the 5 minutes between actions then I humbly request the ability to change multiple settings at once and "save all" when I am finished.

I saw how fast my request to remove the VMAC was handled earlier, simply by pinging the failover IP in a terminal and clicking "ok" in the manager. The pings started to respond within a matter of a few seconds.

20-09-2012, 16:01
the change, once requested in the manager, has to be applied to several different systems, including hardware switches, so it's important that there is a waiting time between the changes.

Generally, we always recommend to do this vMAC operations on a server in maintenance, never on a live production system. This way, the modifications can be done without time being a critical issue and testing things properly.

I will pass on the request for that to be removed, but at the moment, I see this a bit difficult.

20-09-2012, 13:04

I wish to request that in the OVH manager v3 you remove the length of time between changes of virtual mac information from the current 5 minutes.

I needed to delete 2 virtual mac addresses from my failovers today and was given the message
The last virtual mac operation for is too recent, please wait more than 5 minutes
I was not amending the same virtual mac, but deleting two different existing ones.

Would you consider changing the code so multiple macs can be selected or more simply just removing the enforced waiting period?