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Idea: OVH Iceland?

27-09-2012, 05:59
Interesting, but OVH have solved the cooling problem, the only benefit here would be cheaper power, but that'd probably be outwayed by the cost of the network. Finland would probably be a better option, albeit they have the same encumbant problem (to an extent).

25-09-2012, 19:32
  • Virtually limitless, green electricity (the cheapest in the world)
  • Stable, cool temperatures
  • Good latency for both Europe and USA
  • Modern infrastructure and governance
  • Pro-ISP legislation / outside of EU
  • No VAT / outside of EU

The big problem with Iceland is the bandwidth cost and the incumbent telco Vodafone. If OVH were to lay undersea fibres there - as they have already been doing elsewhere - I think they could completely revolutionise the industry.

Oles have you already considered this?