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PCC 2013 chosen by Software Publishers

08-11-2014, 09:52
No update?
Problem is still there and requests are rejected by OVH cloud servers. just gives: Connection lost.

31-07-2013, 22:16
OVH's answer to Microsoft Azure?
01-10-2012, 09:54

2 years ago, in September 2010, we launched an investment of €10 Million into Cloud Computing. 3 months later, we released the PCC BETA. The offer went into production in February 2011.

Today we host 30000 VM's in the PCC in RBX, and we are building two more PCC's, 1 in SBG and 1 in BHS. This new investment of €5 Million each will be completed within 4 weeks, and we will be able to offer the PCC in 3 locations in the world:
Two in Europe and one in North America.

The PCC is dedicated and private cloud. Dedicated as each customer has its own physical server and does not share it with other customers. Private because the network for each customer is isolated from the other customers. OVH was the first to offer this kind of service online, available in 2 hours and upgradable in 5 minutes. And we remain the only one to offer this kind of Top Range Cloud service.

Examples of projects that run on the PCC:
- Exchange 2010
- The Public Cloud
- The VPS (cloud server).
- The VKS
- All developments in OVH are made with the idea to use PCC in production.

Software publishers use the PCC to offer their software in SaaS mode. For this they deploy their software in a VM for each user. Customisations are la carte, each VM for each user, thus ensuring perfect isolation between the users.

How does PCC work?
The customer has the PCC with at least 2 hosts and 2 datastores. It manages its Cloud via the VMware vSphere client. The VMware Experience is exactly the same as in an internal business. If the necessary resources for a VM increase all of a sudden, the customer can add a new host. In less than 5 minutes, the new host is delivered and configured. If the customer has activated the DRS, vSphere takes the decision to switch the host VM to the other one, Hot swap and balance the resource load on the VM host. The same with datastores. That's the basic principle.

Today, The changes to the 2013 version of PCC takes into account the needs of our customers and technologies available on the market. You can also enjoy the effect of volume to find the most cost effective service.

Thus, the 2013 PCC is available in vSphere 4.1 and 5.0. Version 5.1 comes in 1 month. In order to meet the specifications of vSphere 5.X to ensure High Availability, every PCC now comes with two datastores of at least 300GB.

We have integrated the Cisco Nexus virtual switch 1000v which is connected to a new isolated vlan. It allows you to create up to 4000 private sub-vlans and provides the isolation between VMs in the same sub-vlan, retrieve the traffic network as netflow, etc. Each customer can share its PCC with 4000 clients.

The vShield Edge VPN allows you to connect each sub-vlan to a site. In parallel we added hardware VPN cards that can connect the backbone of each PCC with high performance to remote sites. We are currently working on the 1G and 10G Direct connection
(in L2) from several POPs in the world to each PCC.

The vShield Edge can also help the load balancing and performance, with protection against hardware attacks, we have included Cisco ACE cards. Each customer now has a context of 10Mbps which enables him to discover this technology and the need to upgrade its context.

For dedicated servers, we offer NAS-HA (NFS / CIFS servers). You can enjoy these on VM's on your PCC.

The pricing for packs does not change:
- Pack M: 375.00 / month & Standard VMware license + DRS
- Pack L & Enterprise+ license: 509.00 / month
- The pack L + Enterprise + license: 797/month
- The "nopack" now costs 199e/month.

Each pack / nopack includes 2 x 300 GB datastores, VMware Licensing, the Cisco Nexus 1000v, the ACE context and a VPN user. By default we deliver 300Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth, upgradeable in increments of 100Mbps up to 10Gbps.

Beyond packs, the price of hosts decreases from 30% to 50%. We also reviewed the L2 hosts RAM and price. The range goes from host S (1 CPU with 16GB RAM) to hosts XXL + (4 CPU with 256GB of RAM).

At the Datastore level, we propose 4x more space for the same price. However, we no longer offer 300GB and 600GB. The offers start with 1.2TB for 59.00 / month and up to 13.2TB at 599.00 / month.

Each PCC comes with an IPv4 Range of /28. Beyond this the pricing is 1 / IP / month, with a minimum block size of /28.

An important change: If a PCC does not have High Availability enabled between hosts, it means for example that there is not at least two hosts configured together, we no longer ensure the SLA at any level. We had indeed some diverted uses and we do not want the pCC to be misused.

We are currently finalising the contract for a backup technology that saves and restores VMs. It is a price of 9.99 / VM / month with storage included.

Learn more:

- The PCC site for 2013 has been updated.
- The pCC 2013 order is available.
- PCC 2013 deliveries will start this week.
- The Nexus 1000v, ACE, VPN will be activated from the 15th of October.
- The system of migration from the 2011 PCC to the 2013 PCC is scheduled for early November (Billed late November).
- We will give 2 to 3 months to migrate all customers from the 2011 PCC to the 2013 PCC. We will no longer offer the 2011 PCC to avoid maintaining two billing systems.

With PCC 2013, we speed things up...