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dedicated server 2013

23-10-2012, 10:07
From a business POV I completely get it. They are avoid the kimsufi range from sabotaging OVH sales. Kimsufi has now truly become a low value only brand.

That said. Why are there no cheap servers with ECC? How about something in the SP range?

Will the kimsufi range be coming to Canada soon? Or are we going to have to wait till it is actually 2013?

23-10-2012, 09:25
Yes a major downgrade of the Kimsufi packages.

23-10-2012, 09:19
disappointed with the new packages


19 .99 € HT / Month

paying more same spec just a raid hard drive of 2x 500gb

29 .99 € HT / Month

this is OK but only 8gb ram with raid 2x 1tb I would have liked the old package of a for a few more € It was a i5 with 16gb ram!

lets see what the uk prices are... (any time frame for uk release?)

22-10-2012, 23:33
Would be good to have some servers with 4x512GB SSDs.
I bought some vertex 512GB SSD last week for 300 euros for my home computer, thats about the same price the 120GB was when OVH started offering them two years ago.

Server with 2xSSD is not really useful, for business hosting purposes I would like to setup RAID, but with 2 drives I can only do RAID 1 which is a waste, and 120GB usable space is not enough, would much rather do RAID 5 with 4xSSD.

22-10-2012, 20:12
Interesting. There's no SAS15k in the new range?

22-10-2012, 18:03

no more 16g or 24g KS but the prices have gone down nice little i3 there with 8gb would like to know the UK prices though

22-10-2012, 17:57
It's up on the French website:

For the HG range it looks to be the same configurations, just without their 2012 servers (the '11 were cheaper / more useful).

22-10-2012, 00:48
Bigger SSDs & more than 2 drives. I would really like to move some production servers from Leaseweb to OVH, but HG's work way more expensive than what we pay at Leaseweb for HP and Dell servers.

21-10-2012, 22:11
Quote Originally Posted by Myatu
Monday, supposedly. Which Monday exactly depends on the weather conditions and the moon phase
I agree with you Which Monday exactly.

Also OVH do need to fix up the network its got red lines everywhere!!

21-10-2012, 20:02
Myatu ovh really needs to upgrade their links man..half of the weathermap is just red everyday..10gbit speeds are all over the place..

21-10-2012, 19:25
Quote Originally Posted by wii89
when will the new products be released?
Monday, supposedly. Which Monday exactly depends on the weather conditions and the moon phase

21-10-2012, 17:07
when will the new products be released?

21-10-2012, 15:12
Quote Originally Posted by turbanator
wonder if anything interesting will pop up. i think prices will increase lol
i don't there a lot of datacenters thats matching the prices or not very close from ovh. Ovh used to be a lot cheaper then them (though there was a setup cost)

20-10-2012, 19:15
wonder if anything interesting will pop up. i think prices will increase lol

20-10-2012, 11:18
I sent Oles a message on Twitter, he said Microsoft are working on it.

20-10-2012, 10:22
It is a known issue with certain motherboards and GPT style.

anyway, monday FTW

20-10-2012, 02:38
I refer you to the use of the word "planned" in the statement.

19-10-2012, 12:40
Some increase in the size of the SAS drives would be excellent - whilst no increase in the price of course

19-10-2012, 12:31
Agreed, I'm stuck with 3TB maximum at the moment as I don't have enough to upgrade to the Storage server, which is lower spec wise and bandwidth wise. I also can't change my Windows license to it as they don't allow an overlap time for transfer!!! Nightmare.

19-10-2012, 12:22
I hope there is some pricing improvements with regards to the SP Mini as well as a bit of flexibility in HDD options when it comes to the range.

19-10-2012, 12:11
Incompatibility with 3TB drives? Are you kidding me? I think you'll find that's more likely a motherboard issue not Windows. I know plenty of people using 2012 with 3TB drives perfectly fine.

Just an excuse to hold back on HDD size.

19-10-2012, 07:17
yay for monday!
19-10-2012, 03:42

The announcement and the start of the range
2013 dedicated servers is planned for
this Monday

We are late in starting
due to the incompatibility between Windows
2012 and 3TB drives. We have worked
a lot on this issue and we
finally decided to remove the 3TB
harddrives range in 2013 while waiting for
a clean solution without risk of loss on
your data.