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Bandwidth 2013

27-12-2012, 12:59
Yea that makes sense, never really would have helped/mattered to limit per account.

It is interesting though they are doing the full x100Mbps per server and 85GBP per 100Mbps, after the long rant about wanting OVH to be thought of as a quality network lol. And that is not even 3GBP per TB, less than the 4 they charge for extra on kimsufi.. Very weird what OVH is doing, maybe they are listening to various complaints from people doing 40Gbps+

27-12-2012, 09:06
The limit has been removed now, you'll be glad to hear. You can have as many servers as you like, you just pay extra for bandwidth on each. Unless you start to exceed 100Mbps continuously per server then they'll make you pay for premium business bandwidth at 1/Mbps... Something they don't tell you openly.

27-12-2012, 05:50
I'm confused, if you look at you'll notice it says unlimited bandwidth per customer, I thought there was a limit per customer per series yes?

11-12-2012, 22:37
These new bandwidth plans remind me of 2010 where the same (almost) thing happened again. Too bad. Right after that if I'm not mistaken oles re introduced setup fees and right after that I'm not sure. Oh I think changed his mind again and offered plans without setup fees. Can't really remember . Can someone help?

29-11-2012, 05:07

23-10-2012, 05:49
Well yea but OVH HG are 2 years old now.. Even MG are a year old, it was 10Gbit experiement :P

23-10-2012, 01:45
not cheaper as in terms of ovh price..but yes around the 350-400 euros range for bandwidth 50-70TB which is more more than enough. 10-12TB hard drive range. These are ofcourse custom deals but still. Like right now the only option is 2TB SAS on HG 300 euros with a 200 euro set up. It is too much :/ I guess i meant cheaper in that aspect.

But i have never had any issues with ovh's gbit servers. I think their Gbit range is just fine. But their 10gbit on MG servers was just too much. Links were saturated and customers were unsatisfied.

I would actually buy the HG XL..for 300 euros but that set up fee is just lol. Even if the set up fee was around 200 euros or so I would get it but 1800 lol. Meant for businesses only or rich people :P

23-10-2012, 01:33
About bloody time OVH tackles the freeloaders on their network..

@turbanator I hope you realise the irony about saying you can get 10G elsewhere better/cheaper, given you just admitted you think OVH realised you can't do it? lol...

22-10-2012, 18:31
Quote Originally Posted by
This is why we decided to remove the bandwidth limitation bandwidth by customer: it's unlimited per client.
THANK YOU, oh sweet Lord! ... or Oles, rather! And the price per additional guaranteed 100 Mbps is perfectly justifiable.

Quote Originally Posted by
It is largely "sufficient" for a server "Is Genoeg".

Now, in addition to your FAQ, my questions are:

  1. How will the new bandwidth regime affect UDP. Will this still be affected as it is currently?
  2. How will this affect the Cloud (public and private) offerings?

22-10-2012, 18:12
so no more 10G on MG lol. In order to get 10G you gotta get HG best of now which also has a set up fee. I guess the truth is ovh realized selling those 10G servers for 200 euros put all those red arrows. I am sorry but the truth is HG servers with a 200 euro set up fee for 10G is not a good deal anymore. You can get much better deals for 10G servers now. Atleast its good news for 1Gbit customers with unlimited bandwidth.

wow looks like ovh has gone backwards now lol..kimsufi offers have changed too. No more i5s and i7s :s

the only good thing i see are the sp offers and that is all.

22-10-2012, 17:59
Quote Originally Posted by ebony
so no 2013 today then?
What year are we in again?

The OVH Fr website has been updated:

22-10-2012, 17:36
so no 2013 today then?

22-10-2012, 16:52
Quote Originally Posted by Mark1978
Thanks Neil for the translation! Even if it's a rather odd to read google translate effort.
Yes, there should be a refined version on the way shortly.

22-10-2012, 16:18
Thanks Neil for the translation! Even if it's a rather odd to read google translate effort.

22-10-2012, 15:33
Oles can speak and write English well enough to understand. He just chooses not to in his news posts.

22-10-2012, 15:25
As far as I can pick out
"We are changing the 1Gbps servers to be 200Mbps instead"- and making you pay more if you actually want 1Gbps. Becuase our network is overloaded.

Am I reading that wrong?

22-10-2012, 15:18
Since this is chances are most here won't understand a word of that.

22-10-2012, 15:11
So where are the 2013 servers as you promised?
22-10-2012, 14:40

For the range of "Dedicated Server 2013", we wanted to see and improve our proposal to strip the amount bandwidth that we want to include in dedicated servers. Indeed, the 2009-2011 growth on dedicated servers was provided mostly by virtualization. And therefore our server lines were particularly boosted in quantity of RAM per server. We feel that the growth 2011-2014 will be provided by cloud services and thus the quality of the network will be particularly watched (in addition to everything else).

Bandwidth 2013
The biggest problem we had to solve, was separating the bandwidth limit per customer.

This limitation had been put in place to allow to offer cheap kimsufi server with 100Mbps unlimited bandwith, while avoiding to end up with customers who take full kimsufi just to benefit from the 100Mbps. We therefore set up a "server with bandwidth unlimited, but limited by client." But hey, we regularly had customers who create as many identifiers as servers and exceed this limitation until it is ultimately even disregarded internally .. This is why we decided to remove the bandwidth limitation bandwidth by customer: it's unlimited per client.

And therefore:
Bandwidth on the SP line is 100Mbps guaranteed and no limit per customer. Ie you can take SP 100 servers and have 10Gbps. It was not possible before, but now it is.

The bandwidth range of EG / MG is 200Mbps guaranteed. You can increase the server bandwidth up to 1Gbps in increments of 100Mbps. The price is 100 Mbps = 100/ month. 10 servers with EG / MG, you can do 2Gbps guaranteed and add-ons up to 10Gbps bandwidth.

Bandwidth on the HG range is up to 300Mbps guaranteed. You can increase the bandwidth server up to 3Gbps, in increments of 100Mbps.
The price is 100 Mbps = 100/ month. And thus with only 3 servers, you can charge almost 10Gbps.

Bandwidth will be available in France in 2013 and in all subsidiaries in the same way. We in fact try to harmonise offers, differentiate from our competitors by offering guaranteed bandwidth up to 3Gbps by unlimited server per customer.

Kimsufi Servers range will pass from "unlimited per server but restricted by client" to "limited per server but unlimited per client".
Obviously, it is more logical and easier to explain. OVH servers are connected at 100Mbps and have a limit of 5TB/month outgoing traffic. 5TB is 5x disk space of OVH servers. It is largely "sufficient" for a server "Is Genoeg". If your server exceeds 5TB traffic out per month, the server port switches 10Mbps and you can continue without charge limit but at 10Mbps. We do not apply any other limitation. At the beginning of the month, you must enter the manager to return your server to 100Mbps. If you really want to have more 100Mbps just buy traffic: 1TB = 5/month. At this moment, the robot returns your server to 100Mbps.

Why and how?

Q: Why this change?
A: We note that more and more customers are demanding in terms of bandwidth. We see daily from customers who change host "best-effort" and rock with us for our network. 14 months our network had a growth of madness! We went from 300Gbps output from our network to over 800Gbps. In only 14 months! And counting! Why? Many EG / MG / HG sold with a lot of bandwidth through the network quality. We exceeded 130,000 servers in our DCs.

Q: Why is the quality of the network becoming more important than in the past?
A: The average bandwidth per server triples 2 years thanks to, or because of the cloud. In this context, even if we offer full CPU, RAM or disk, all this does not make sense if we do not offer you quality on the network.
Cloud requirements are close to the VoIP bandwidth requirements: continuous with packets that arrive without delays in the correct order and therefore no congestion in the network. How does Cloud translate to OVH? Our customers have many new projects with lots of content and therefore full disk space and therefore full band bandwidth.

Q: How can you ensure the bandwidth guarantee for each server?
A: With constant investment in the network since 2006, OVH is the only one in Europe today to have the network in peer with all European ISPs. We are present in every country, Madrid to Warsaw, Vienna and London, and we sell traffic to all national ISP directly to their country. This reduces the latency of the network and increases capacity through ongoing discussions with all these operators. In all we 1540Gbps of capacity in Europe, 66% in peering! In France we have 80Gbps peering with Orange, 100Gbps with Free, 50Gbps with SFR, 20Gbps with Bouygues, 10Gbps with Numericable. In Germany we have 40Gbps with T-Systems, 40Gbps with TPSA in Poland, Italy with 30Gbps from Telecom Italia, etc etc.. In total 960Gbps peering directly to ISPs in Europe!

At the same time we started to develop our network in the USA. We have begun to pass almost 10-15% of our live traffic via our network in USA. Indeed, while it is becoming better connected with ISPs from USA and Canada there is also improvements with ISPs from Brazil and Argentina as well as Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and India. The USA is a mega hub bandwidth-wise and everyone is there. Once we improve our peering in the U.S., you benefit directly because the two networks are interconnected with 200Gbps of capacity that we have between Europe and the USA.

We also note that as soon as one improves the path to a country, the traffic to this country begins to double every 6 months. There is no mistake of this bandwidth quality, as quality is what draws future customers. In all we have 1970Gbps capacity between our network and the Internet (Europe + USA + Canada). 2Tbps which will pass to 2.5Tbps before the end of the year.

It does not do well to have a "network sale", because quality is expensive. We also don't want to over-charge to promote the development of your projects on our network. Finally, we will not offer "best-effort", because we don't want the Ovh brand to be equivalent to "non-quality". We want people to see OVH when they think of quality, and think of Quality when they see OVH. So this is how we are summarising the "2013 bandwidth".