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Distribution Update: Proxmox VE 2.2

25-10-2012, 11:27
Update went smoothly

24-10-2012, 17:37
updating mine now

24-10-2012, 17:23
Thanks for this will be updating my servers to the new version

24-10-2012, 17:04

We are pleased to announce that today a new version of Proxmox VE is available: Proxmox VE 2.2

This is a version that contains a lot of interesting news, for example "live snapshots" for KVM Instances:

Here are the complete Release Notes:

* update kernel to vzkernel-2.6.32-042stab062.2.src.rpm
* update Intel nics drivers (e1000e to 2.1.4, ixgbe to 3.11.33, igb to 4.0.17)
* update qemu-kvm to 1.2.0
* openvz: update vzctl to 4.0
* openvz: use real console instead of 'vzctl enter'
* add live snapshot support (qcow2)
* added Slovenian translation
* kvm: new option to select SCSI controller hardware
* kvm: support up to 32 network devices
* kvm: support up to 16 virtio devices
* kvm: add SATA to GUI
* updated cluster packages
* update to latest Debian version 6.0.6
* bug fixes (for all details see bugtracker and GIT

To update from 2.0 with Debian:
# Aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade

Do not hesitate to send us your comments here.