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Seems to be an issue on the website with server quantity

05-11-2012, 14:16
I've been looking at the quantity stock indicator and it seems to be linked only with the RBX datacenter.
As soon as it hits 0 RBX ****s 72H even if the other two locations have 1H availability.

03-11-2012, 03:25
Got it now - thanks!

02-11-2012, 23:30
25 hours and counting.

Website now says 24 available but 7 day availability.

my manager says..

Dedicated Server(s)
INSTALLATION Domain Execution Quantity Unit price + VAT Price + VAT
Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop 64bit -


To do

If I had known this would be the case I would have just got another VPS from my current provider but knowing the balls ache it was to get a refund last time I won't this time. I will get and use my server for a month

02-11-2012, 19:21
I did notice last night (after I got called away and then tried to carry on with the order) that the page after the main one gives you the old 2/16/24GB server at the old prices

I did the order again and it went through so il wait now. I have a windows VPS on a 1Gbps link already so I guess I am in no rush.

02-11-2012, 19:12
Ive been a Kimsufi customer on and off for years. Usually servers are here within the hour.

I ordered at 10:21PM last night. So I will wait the 24 hours but this is the first time I've had to wait.

I am not bothered as long as the renewal date is from when the server starts.

02-11-2012, 18:14
Those number aren't very accurate, though. Hopefully you'll get it soon - did you check if you need to verify your address, etc? Sometimes this is a hold-up.

02-11-2012, 17:15
Its just changed now to

Setup fee Free Free Free Free Free
Availability 24 hours

So I guess I should have my details in the next 12-24

02-11-2012, 17:13
As I type this the website says there are 40 mKS 2G's with 1 hour availabilty yet I have been waiting since 10PM last night to get one.. My invoice progress says " to do" on the OS and setup

How much longer is it going to take!?

I know I gave my last one back but it was a pile of crap. One this size will be better as it's less resources to deal with.

And it's the right price for a desktop server!

So please hurry up :P

02-11-2012, 15:25
It shows there are 6 of the 8,99 servers, but when you refresh it says 7. I have ordered one - If this is wrong and I have to wait I would like to know about it.

31-10-2012, 09:40
The hover menu has the total number of servers, if it shows 1 then it should only show 1 hour in one of the datacentres. For example EG AMD has 1 in 1 Hour and only SBG. Although sometimes there is a delay in refreshing the stock so maybe you saw conflicting results, also make sure you do a force reload on the webpage to make sure you have not cached anything.

31-10-2012, 08:48
Quote Originally Posted by Thelen
It does show that, but when it says 72H means it isn't part of that 1HR stock
But how is it possible to have 1 server in stock and available from two locations in 1H?

31-10-2012, 01:16
It does show that, but when it says 72H means it isn't part of that 1HR stock

30-10-2012, 19:28
Also what is the relationship between the quantity and the delivery time?

Sometimes it says 1 as quantity and then two locations have 1H delivery time and the third 72H.
I thought the quantity shows how many servers they have in stock?

30-10-2012, 17:52
Quote Originally Posted by Kode
it must be some kind of caching because it started doing it again but went after some heavy ctrl+f5-ing

Yes see it, it is a cache issue. The hover over menu does not always reload with the correct stock. if you force reload it does.

30-10-2012, 17:43
it must be some kind of caching because it started doing it again but went after some heavy ctrl+f5-ing

30-10-2012, 17:41
This is happening to me too.
I'm on using Safari 6 in Mac.

30-10-2012, 17:17
Heh, I take it the issue has been found and fixed good work

30-10-2012, 17:15
Interestingly it doesn't look like it happens on firefox

30-10-2012, 17:12
tried in both chrome and ie9

Here are some images incase you arent sure what I mean

before the page has finished loading

then after it finishes loading

As you can see the quantity on the range rollover is the same as the quantity on the left hand side before it finishes loading, but different after

30-10-2012, 17:03

I do not see the same error you get, are you sure it is not your browser? Also does anyone else have the same issue?

30-10-2012, 15:44
When you go to the server list on the left hand side starts off with 1 set of quantities then when the page loads they all change, but if you hover over Range it has the quantities that were there to begin with.