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Better off with an Ivy Bridge dual core or a Sandy Bridge quad core?

26-11-2012, 13:10
Well that 2600 *does* have hyperthreading. scores the 2130 in the KS R-16 as 4074 and the 2600 in the Hetzner EX4 as 8425, so in those benchmarks the older 2600 completely destroys the 2130, how that relates to a webserver I'm not sure.

It seems like unless we raise enough for 2 of the SP 32G's my best bet is going to be to go with the EX4 over the KS R-16 as it will give me over twice the performance and twice the bandwidth at around the same price.

26-11-2012, 12:14
Quad core over dual core I'd say even if it doesn't have HT. Go on CPU comparison sites and see what score they get and base it on that. I'd be surprised if the dual core comes out on top even if it is a generation ahead.

26-11-2012, 09:21
Now that the kimsufi servers max out at a dual core with hyperthreading I have been looking at other options, would I be better off with the ivy bridge dual core kimsufi 16G (4 threads) or for about 30 more a sandybridge 2600 quad core Hetzner EX4 (8 threads) the hetzner one also has 10TB transfer vs 5TB

*edit* This is in addition to my ovh SP 32G, if the funds allowed I'd definitely get another of those, but I don't think they will stretch that far.