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ManagerV5 No SPLA

18-12-2012, 15:51
I put a ticket in with asking the same thing the other day and got a response on Monday saying that though the manager doesn't let you use them at the moment, you could submit the key to support and they'd be able to install it.

16-12-2012, 19:07
Call the UK office up tomorrow is your best bet at getting a quick answer.


16-12-2012, 18:38
I have no idea, the tech couldn't give me a reason. Waiting for commercial to reply to my ticket Also it forces you to use ManagerV5 on USA servers which is VERY VERY buggy.

16-12-2012, 18:19
They are Service Provider Licence Agreement keys for Windows server, the only ones that OVH let you use on servers so you have to pay more. Why aren't they in the North America DC? When I was in the Alpha I could use my Server 2008 R2 key fine.


16-12-2012, 17:27
Whats SPLA?

14-12-2012, 23:35
SInce been told SPLA is not available in America Datacentre wish they would tell you this when ordering!

14-12-2012, 23:14
Has anyone found that with the new North America servers in Managerv5 it gives no option to add your SPLA license?

Really has caused me alot of issues this evening, if someone does know how to do it can they point me in the right direction