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Creative Routing Etc.

19-12-2012, 13:02
Especially now with the limits on number of IPs on Kimsufis, is anyone doing any creative routing?

I think if you're not bothered so much with bandwidth there are some crazy things you can achieve.

At some stage in the future, with the UK authorities now showing a much greater interest in snooping on us, I'm already thinking of ways to circumvent their attempts.

For example, before I knew about vracks I was trying to get multiple machines at OVH to respond to different IPs without virtual macs.

For a while, I had a virtual machine on a Kimsufi 24G running Proxmox, that responded to an IP address that I had on a Dediserve box that was sat in a cloud in London. The cool thing was that the VM was totally unaware of this, its eth0 was just configured with the Dediserve IP and that network was then bridged to the Dediserve box using a VPN.

I maybe underestimating the difficulty of it but I remember thinking that it would be fairly easy to create a VM like this that trusted no one, especially not the physical box that it was on, was encrypted etc and responded to a public IP in a different country.

Also, would it be classed as a UK machine or French in terms of the law? Or would they both get you It would be similar to cloud storage which I'm sure they have covered.