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1&1 to OVH transfer ok ?

30-12-2012, 23:35
ok its working now, Im not sure if thats because i waited time or because i made the DNS servers

Primary server:
Secondary server:

29-12-2012, 18:55
Hi, i just transfered from 1&1 to OVH, im not sure if i have done everything right but let me show you what i did.

Sent my father who owned the domain before me the TAG 'OVH-FR'

Then followed instructions

" 1. First, you will have to login with your domain name and your transfer ID,
2. Then, fill in your nichandle (customer ID) and accept the transfer conditions. "


"1. Login into Manager with your customer ID and your password,
2. Click on Domains & DNS -> Operations in progress "

Done, went ok

Result =
"This domain is registered in OVH at the moment.
State : ok"

Adress is

Whois says

Results show that it is now with OVH, however still says my father owns the adress and goes nowhere (im not impatient just curious :-) , i expect i just need to wait a few days ?

Thanks for any help