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Secondary Administrator account doesn't have full access

10-01-2013, 02:20
I've noticed a rather strange permissions issues on my KS2G running Server 2008 Web Edition.

There are 2 accounts on the machine (me, and a friend, whom is completely trustworthy)

When I created his account, I added it to the Administrators group, thinking that this would give him the same level of control that I have (over the OS at least).

However, he cannot access other users folders, or the USB drive that is attached to the server (both result in 'permission denied' errors).

Glancing over his account when I was logged into it earlier, it appears that he can do things like reboot the machine, or shut it down (although he would never do either without checking with me first).

The only possible thing that I can think of, is that when I received login details for the machine, I enabled and renamed the Administrator account, before deleting the 'root' account, and maybe this account has more permissions than a normal Administrator account.

Is there any way to give my friend's account the same permissions that I have (full control)?

I've now figured this out. It was due to user account control being enabled. After disabling it and rebooting, his user account can now access everything that mine can.