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Blocking Cname redirect

11-01-2013, 21:48
If your main concern/issue is web traffic, then the CNAME they've used would be found in the HTTP's "Host" header (as DNS only uses the IP).

If, for example, their CNAME was "", you could setup a website for the (sub)domain "" yourself, serving only a blank page (to limit bandwidth consumption).

11-01-2013, 10:46
that's like any type of unwanted traffic that you get to your server. I would suggest to use a firewall to block that traffic from hitting your machine.

Unfortunately, you can't stop anyone on the Internet to point their domain to your server. So a software firewall installed on your machine will help you keep these things away.

Check this guide for a few suggestions on how to setup a firewall on our servers without blocking the monitoring system from checking your machine uptime:

11-01-2013, 05:54
I have a dedicated server running on plesk(centos).
Someone with another domain is using CNAME redirect to direct traffic to my site.

Is there anyway of blocking access for traffic that comes to my site through the redirect?

Thanks in advance.