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XenServer 6.1 and RAID 0

20-01-2013, 23:30

The crash is caused by multipathd. Stop multipathd with /etc/init.d/multipathd before stopping the array.

20-01-2013, 22:42
I've used mdadm to fail and remove one of the drives from the RAID1 array at /dev/md3 and created a RAID0 array but currently just with 1 drive (I will grow it after) at /dev/md4. I've added this as a physical volume in lvm, moved the data from /dev/md3 to /dev/md4 and then moved the volumes across, then removed /dev/md3. However, as soon as I stop /dev/md3 with mdadm I immediately lose connection to the server. This is strange, as the OS is on /dev/md1. /dev/md3 should be empty and is not mounted anywhere :S

20-01-2013, 21:40
I've installed the stock OVH XenServer 6.1 image on a SP 32G SSD server and the default install is software RAID1. The RAID configuration cannot be changed via. the manager during installation for this image.

I'm wanting the partitions used for the storage repositories (for storing the VMs) to actually be in RAID0 instead of RAID1 since in its current configuration, I don't have enough space to run my VMs. Alternatively, I want to remove the RAID1 device and just tell XenServer to span two partitions for storage of the VMs.

I've tried "unplugging" the physical devices that the storage repositories are on, then deleting the storage repositories and removing the RAID devices from the logical volume group so that the RAID device is not in use. Then, as soon as I stop the RAID device (/dev/md3) the server hangs

Any help on the above would be much appreciated!