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goddamn paypal - still no server

29-01-2013, 18:58
The IPNs for transactions between Jan 27, 11:04 PM PST (Jan 28, 7:04 AM GMT) and Jan 28, 10:47 AM PST (Jan 28, 6:47 PM GMT) have been delivered.

This issue has been resolved as of Jan 29, 1:25 AM PST (Jan 29, 9:25 AM GMT).

Hope that it's in fact resolved for those affected. Pretty bad situation

29-01-2013, 13:49
This happened with me yesterday with some other company, and some of my clients payments. Good 'ol PayFail.

29-01-2013, 11:17
I'm told by our developer in charge of Paypal payments that the issue was worse than just IPN. Unfortunately, OVH can not fix it. We sent an email to Paypal to ask them to clean up their mess....

To be continued....

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

29-01-2013, 10:11
I ordered a dedi yesterday morning (9am) and something happened when i completed payment - there was some sort of error, but it refreshed too quick so didn't catch it.

Turns out that paypal have been having issues with the IPN system - however this has now been resolved.

My payment is now stuck with paypal - it's waiting for OVH to collect it (i think)...

I was just wondering if there is a backlog?

thanks for any help