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Two IP's and two interfaces on xenserver

01-03-2013, 12:47
I have two virtual macs set up. Each has an IP failover and MAC address associated with it.

This works fine with eth0.

I've set up a second IP failover and MAC and set this up the same way in CentOS. And set this up as Device 1 in xencenter, with the MAC address assigned by OVH.

My ifcfg-eth1 is the same as ifcfg-eth0 just with the eth0 changed to eth1 and the MAC / IP changed. Same gateway etc.

My route-eth0 file is dev eth0
default via dev eth0

However when I try to do the same for eth1 I get:
RTNETLINK answers: File exists

In any case even without the route-eth1 file the server is not accessible (Firewall is off)

Any advice on how to get this setup working?