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Did something blow up in RBX1?

07-03-2013, 13:54
love the term working ...

07-03-2013, 12:27

Yes there was an issue with two of our rooms last night, there are some photos of our teams working on Octave's Twitter account, see

07-03-2013, 12:05
Yeah we were down too, including firewall, about 25 minutes or so.

06-03-2013, 17:47

06-03-2013, 17:36
Looks like all the servers in all racks in S09 are down, mine included.

Haven't tried rebooting through the manager yet til I know for definite that it's lost power.

It now looks like the servers are slowly coming back online according to the VMS.

Mine has just come back online while I was typing this. Was definitely power related, as it was powered off (windows said it was a improper shutdown).