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ovh server fault, help shutting down unexpectedly

12-03-2013, 21:12
I had a similar problem as well and thought it was a bad update i did and after some hardware tests in pro rescue mode it landed up being bad memory and they did intervention on the server replaced the bad memory and has been smooth sailing ever since.

09-03-2013, 16:35
checking this over weekend, thanks for the input guys.

08-03-2013, 19:02
I've had 3 Windows servers from OVH and never had a problem with any, but I agree it can be a Windows update that causes it (had that at home) but never on server edition. More likely is it's a hardware fault so rule that out first as OVH will only ask you to do that anyway. That said, the test won't tell you everything. It could also be a PSU fault or something like that too. The technician should find out eventually.

08-03-2013, 17:36
Don't automatically rule out windows being your issue. Two years ago I used Sever 2008 on a server I had with OVH and that restarted in the night, the only reason I noticed it was because I noticed a periodic email from Fail2Ban was saying it was started/stopped. When I investigated more it was due to a dodgey windows update.

I would do what @Kacotet said and use rescue-pro, it will detect any hardware faults.


08-03-2013, 16:09
rescue-pro hardware tests.

07-03-2013, 22:29
windows rc2 ovh SP 32G Dedicated server

recieved the server and had it for about two weeks now.

and its started to restart on its own, i have only just started to put the server under load, never reaches beyond 10 percent and yet around peak hours, (6pm ) it reboots.

when it does reboot, it comes up with a window stating "why did teh computer shut down unexpectedly )

so i am finding it hard to believe that it is a software related issue when the load is less than 10 percent. how easy would it be to find teh problem ? logs ?

any advise as to where the location is for this please guys