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Northern FRANCE (RBX) vs Eastern FRANCE (SBG)

16-03-2013, 21:24
Plumped with my old favourite Roubaix and have to say the server I have ordered was the fastest ever rolled out to me an amazing 12 minutes!!

Well done again OVH

15-03-2013, 19:12
Thanks Neil

Very helpful

15-03-2013, 15:30

If you want some pings and traceroute tests you can use:

We still have plenty of room at RBX and GRA (Gravelines) which is even closer to the UK is also on the way.

15-03-2013, 14:24
Pros and Cons please

Looking at a pro server and presume that being in UK RBX will be the obvious choice as it is closer, hence lower pings and better latency?

But it is not always that clear cut is it, RBX has been around a while, with regards to capacity could SBG be a better choice?

Speeds have always been very good when I have had my servers in RBX.

Anyone in UK got servers in Eastern FRANCE (SBG)?

Your comments on performance, pings, routing etc would be greatly appreciated, any features that wont be available to myself if I pick SBG?

This will not be a production server, more experimental if that helps.

Many thanks