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Hybrid Hosting Solution (

17-03-2013, 05:40
Oh and while i remember

uses r2 of the API which will give you horrid depreciated errors .... you need to update that for the "Less able" out there took be a little while to get to the bottom of that and looking at your python console script

17-03-2013, 05:33
Hi OVH (Followers),

So i have been an OVH customer for about 4 years now. We host all our servers with you. Recently I have put a lot of work into improving out core hosting network.

Recently I have been taking advantage of the "array" of different services to build a robust platform to horizontally scale us as well as "on demand" services to help soak up load.

We currently have x2 Kimsufi KS 2Gs sitting in (Round Robin DNS) with Deb6 on them (With ZenLoadBalancer) installed. This acts as a http https entry point and responds to our cluster (we call it our cluster, even if its tiny). Which forwards traffic onto (soon to be x2 SP 32G SSD) Which are the apache2 / php / mysql standard servicing nodes. We have a backend SP 16G for "Cluster Control" and "out of production web development".

One benifit we have is that we built our own CMS. I have just completed giving our CMS OVH Manager and OVH Cloud Manager access. So now our website tells us many things, one of which is when we need to pay ovh

The cloud manager access is the real reason for posting. As every "large site" webmaster knows, its the surge in traffic that kills you, not 99% of the operation. So, I am working now on a auto provisioning system that is capable of starting OVH Cloud Servers. So as our cluster sees a abnormal increase in traffic, it starts Cloud Servers ready to soak up that all important "Spike Load". This essentially means that we can spawn a "Crap Load" of webnodes as an when our network gets bombarded by "dirty players" wanting to download the latest installment of our game.

All powered by OVH, it's fundamental hosting technologies with a little back end coding by yours truly. Just thought i would let you know how we use your stuff .