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New distribution: OwnCloud 5

18-03-2013, 18:34

There are more and more of you using ownCloud on the servers. As a reminder, it is a storage platform and file sharing including a
web interface and accessible via webdav.

Version 5 comes out with new features:
- Antivirus: the files are scanned by clamAV
- Search "full-text": it is possible to search documents not only by name but also by their content
- Improved photo gallery with slideshow functions and Sharing

And many improvements: performance, usability, API ...

To get an idea, here is a demonstration of the latest version:

For a list of all the features:

ownCloud 5.0 is available for dedicated servers in 'Ready to use' distributions category. It is based on Debian 6 (64 bit).

During the BETA, please do not hesitate to send us your remarks here on the forum.