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Large consumers of bandwidth

24-06-2013, 13:58
Yep that seems to be the reply I got from "MK" from support.

I asked:
1. When I first purchase servers the maximum was 1Gbit, not 200Mbit, is 200Mbit new policy? (edit: or just enforcing of policy?)
2. Is the 200Mbit limit affect everyone including new server, or only customer you see are/were doing a lot of bandwidth (like >700Mbit average for 2 weeks). (edit: outside of the top 30, but more than the average low usage perhaps)

Also, it says on that link:
Peering with more than 900 access providers and operators.
But http://bgp.he.net/AS16276#_peers only contains 114 peers? How is it 900 if its only 114 on there, or am I missing something?

EDIT: Got reply now:
At this time OVH only provides the maximum bandwidth as per your contract. Before customers could enjoy burstable bandwidth as was available. This was not guaranteed nor implied in the contract. Due to higher network costs and abuse by customers, OVH had to change our policy and adhere to the contractual limitations.
So I guess that answers 1 and 2

24-06-2013, 11:47
if your account is under the 30 most bandwidth consumers, then you would may be limited to the bandwidth for your model. If that's the case, you have the option of getting more bandwidth for each of your servers, as per this price:


and you can purchase it from here:

OVH Manager >> your server >> Services >> Order more bandwidth

21-06-2013, 16:52
At some point after they seemed to be correctly shaped to 200Mbit, not the 300Mbit they were previously.

01-04-2013, 05:32
Yep looks like 300Mbit: http://imgur.com/a/2VrbA

27-03-2013, 03:53
I made a ticket about this and got a reply that it wasn't shaped, lol, yea, right.

Have a look at

Top 5 are the weekly graphs for 5 servers, bottom are the daily, seems pretty clear to me that they were unshaped, shaped to 200Mbit, and now shaped to 300Mbit or something.

Iperf with 25 threads still says about 300Mbit, 50 threads somehow pushes to 500Mbit (other end is hetzner, so straight over peering).

25-03-2013, 10:55
Well for my money my account was just limited to 200Mbit per server just yesterday, maybe due to this or maybe due to using 5Gbit flat on 5 servers on and off for a week

The 200Mbit cap on our serves does mean a lack of burstability, meaning as soon as we have the scale (probably 10Gbit total traffic) we'll leave and go elsewhere probably if the pricing is similar and we get some more burstability.

At the moment 55euro per 100Mbps (well 50 for the SP16, 110 for 200mbit EG24g, so give or take) is pretty damn competitive, however 100euro for 100Mbit extra isn't (especially with lack of pooling), so definitely seeing the cost come to like 60/100mbps might be interesting.

At the end of the day though, people using 100Gbit should just be setting up and managing their own AS, except that since it is grey traffic they might not want that risk >_> If you were going to ask me, I'd be wanting OVH to think about custom hosting, aka someone getting a rack full of EG24g servers with 2x10Gbit to it, and just paying for 95% on that external pipe, or something. Cos honestly people are basically already doing this, and if you continue to clamp down on accounts (which you should be btw), people will just go and get lots of extra NIC handles (already know of a couple resellers doing that, still, due to servers being limited).

What are we supposed to do with those tests btw?

(As a side point, have you clamped down yet on a bunch of those large providers who are using heaps of extra bandwidth and not paying for it? A certain provider with a decent number (say 20+) of 10Gbit HGXXL with only 40TB traffic I've got evidence of them pushing 300TB+ per server, and not paying a cent extra (from their own mouth they told me).)?

25-03-2013, 08:23
Quote Originally Posted by alex
why not to charge these customers (around 30) and leave the rest customers alone? if they use to much, than it's your issue to charge them.
You are left alone. But now you're also given an extra option, if you need a lot of bandwidth but the priority isn't of an issue; before everyone's thrown into the same giant pool.

24-03-2013, 20:31
why not to charge these customers (around 30) and leave the rest customers alone? if they use to much, than it's your issue to charge them.

20-03-2013, 17:42
Just for info.


We have some customers (around 30) that are very big consumers of bandwidth, ie between 5Gbps and 100Gbps per customer (!!!). Yes, per customer...

As you can imagine, for these customers, the cost of bandwidth is very high. Much more important than the quality of bandwidth. Basically, the question is first "how much" and only after "what"

OVH provides bandwidth quality at a fair price. We talk about 100Mbps €250/month with no bandwidth limitation..

To get closer to the needs of these customers, we worked on a cheaper bandwidth and therefore of lower quality. The goal is to provide the price first and then wonder whether it is "acceptable".

We plan bandwidth for less than €70E/month for 100Mbps. Maybe even €60/month. We must test ..

Here are some tests urls to see different quality of the bandwidth that we are able to provide. As you can see, the feeling of a download change depending on the size of a downloaded file and therefore can be suitable for some uses or not.

If you are also planning to buy a lot a lot of bandwidth, do not hesitate to contact us (me) contact for some more tests.



wget -4 http://sla-0030.qos.ovh.net/files/1Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0050.qos.ovh.net/files/1Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0100.qos.ovh.net/files/1Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0200.qos.ovh.net/files/1Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0500.qos.ovh.net/files/1Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-1000.qos.ovh.net/files/1Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-none.qos.ovh.net/files/1Mb.dat -O /dev/null

wget -4 http://sla-0030.qos.ovh.net/files/10Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0050.qos.ovh.net/files/10Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0100.qos.ovh.net/files/10Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0200.qos.ovh.net/files/10Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0500.qos.ovh.net/files/10Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-1000.qos.ovh.net/files/10Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-none.qos.ovh.net/files/10Mb.dat -O /dev/null

wget -4 http://sla-0030.qos.ovh.net/files/100Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0050.qos.ovh.net/files/100Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0100.qos.ovh.net/files/100Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0200.qos.ovh.net/files/100Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0500.qos.ovh.net/files/100Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-1000.qos.ovh.net/files/100Mb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-none.qos.ovh.net/files/100Mb.dat -O /dev/null

wget -4 http://sla-0030.qos.ovh.net/files/1Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0050.qos.ovh.net/files/1Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0100.qos.ovh.net/files/1Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0200.qos.ovh.net/files/1Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0500.qos.ovh.net/files/1Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-1000.qos.ovh.net/files/1Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-none.qos.ovh.net/files/1Gb.dat -O /dev/null

wget -4 http://sla-0030.qos.ovh.net/files/10Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0050.qos.ovh.net/files/10Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0100.qos.ovh.net/files/10Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0200.qos.ovh.net/files/10Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-0500.qos.ovh.net/files/10Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-1000.qos.ovh.net/files/10Gb.dat -O /dev/null
wget -4 http://sla-none.qos.ovh.net/files/10Gb.dat -O /dev/null