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bandwidth: VPS, pCI, SD, pCC

06-04-2013, 02:15
Also cool new network maps on

Can you make them bigger? Can barely make out names in US at all, and some of EU as well.

Oh and put a key somewhere on the other 2 maps, on US alone isn't enough (not that you can barely read it ).

And maybe just have a combined map lol..

05-04-2013, 07:20
And when is this actually going to going into practice?

We've already been limited to 200-300Mbit per server, including INTERNAL traffic too it seems (can you confirm if that is the policy or not?), I'm not sure why being limited to 10Mbit where before the servers had at least 20TB (70Mbit) of bandwidth makes sense, or are you just truly trying to get rid of these 30 customers (of which I can probably list half of them, and the top one *caugh _Lemon_ caugh*)?

I think you'll miss the boat with the cheap BW offer of 60GBP, especially if it isn't pooled, you can already get much better deals elsewhere for 'cheap' bandwidth, certainly quality bandwidth for much less than your volume pricing let alone premium (think straight level3, seabone, tata transit).
29-03-2013, 13:34

When you rent a dedicated server, OVH includes certain capacity of guaranteed bandwidth in each offer. We often talk of 100Mbps, 200Mbps or 300Mbps without traffic limitation. The cost of this bandwidth is shared among all clients, which allows us to offer you as much bandwidth for a low price. Basically, a few customers consume bandwidth and therefore the bandwidth cost per customer is low.

For the last 12 months, we have noticed a clear increase of customers who consume a lot of bandwidth. There are 30 customers that currently consume 50% of our bandwidth! Incredible! We spent a lot time to understand their problems and what OVH can offer them, at what price without a price increase for all existing customers...

So we had, on one hand, small bandwidth consumers, who want quality without price changes. And on the other hand, large consumers who do not seek quality but especially the price.

From our side, OVH has always sought a quality network. And so we have always been the growing, for example, improving the
network density, hence the network deployment in North America. To meet the needs of these 30 clients, we had to consider more the opposite: how to reduce the cost, even by reducing network quality.

Not simple. Let's start with the basic: the contract.

Contractually, we separated these 30 customers through their usage. Dedicated server, pCC, VPS and pCI contracts will be updated, which defines when the bandwidth is no longer guaranteed, depending on the usage.

Thus, for 99.9% of customers nothing changes. Not the usage nor the monthly price. Offers remain as they are. Acceptance of
new contract is not mandatory.

For 30 clients, the following uses are:
- Download platforms
- Video streaming
- Proxy, CDN
- Downloaders, delockers, seedbox

For these purposes, the default bandwidth is no longer guaranteed, and we limit to 10Mbps per server.

That is why we discussed with these clients and they told us that poor quality bandwidth might interest them provided that we give it at low price. So there is a "low cost" offer of bandwidth supply for 60/100Mbps / month.

For customers who are willing to pay a little extra for a little more quality we offer 100/100Mbps / month.
It is the "Volume" offer.

Then for those who want quality at the top, all the time, across our entire network, we offer "Premium" package for 215/100Mbps / month.

The 3 deals operate without any reconfiguration or change on the server. One click and the entire server, with its IPs failover, is sent to one of the 3 networks.

To know more:

Note: have we implemented bandwidth for spammers!? If an IP is found on a blacklist, we redirect all the servers of a customer spammer with all its ip failover to the smtp port without output ... And we will quickly purge the network of crafty spammers... Yes!