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Mass Email

10-04-2013, 13:04
yes, as myatu says, the limitation of the mail() is 500 mails a day, but that's not everything.

If we receive bounce backs of emails that don't exist or, even worst, we recieve reports that people has received this without having subscribed and/or unsubscribing tools don't work, you may be blocked even if you don't reach the dayly usage.

We provide a tool in the manager to monitor the emails sent with errors, that should help you troubleshoot them:

OVH Manager >> your domain >> Hosting >> History of automatic emails

Let us know if you need anything else

09-04-2013, 22:40
It's located at

You have the possibility to send up to 100 emails/hour

09-04-2013, 16:51

I've got a question regarding OVH's policy on mass sending emails. I've had a quick sniff around on the OVH website and in the terms and conditions but I couldn't actually find anything.

My website is hosted on the OVH "Personal" package and I'm wondering what the limit is for sending bulk email. Periodically, we send out a newsletter (we're currently on 100 subscribers but it is growing) and I wanted to know how many emails I could send without being flagged as a spammer!

We send the emails out via the Acymailing plugin in Joomla so there is a way to break up the sending of emails. It’s currently at the default of send 40 emails, wait 2 minutes and then send another batch of 40 emails.

Is this a suitable wait before sending another batch or should this be extended to prevent me being flagged as sending bulk spam?