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VPS Creation Down -Any Updates ?

11-04-2013, 17:33
The restart did not resolve the genuine windows issue when I have a minute free I will submit a support ticket for this.

11-04-2013, 17:28
I resolved this myself by changing the IPV4 DNS to google's DNS Servers, so possibly a problem with ? Just rebooting now to see if the not genuine windows message goes away.

11-04-2013, 16:52
Thanks for getting that setup for me Sophie if you had dealings with it, but I have two problems with it, it says the windows it not genuine but i think this has something to do with the fact that it cannot for some reason get any webpages up and the network interface says no internet connection... really strange

11-04-2013, 16:09
Order number 19551747

11-04-2013, 15:44
Please provide an order number

11-04-2013, 14:23
Apparently according to the status page this has now been fixed but still waiting for my vps to be setup.....

10-04-2013, 17:28
Hi All, I am just wondering if there are any updates on the VPS creation, I ordered one early this morning but no email with any details as of yet, I have spoke to OVH this morning via phone and also got an email back from them this morning with a link to their status page with the fault logged but nothing has been updated so far just wondering if anyone could shed any light on this issue or if anyone know whats going on.