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Which DNS Server?

15-04-2013, 11:24
Thanks for feedback guys, much appreciated, going to setup my own DNS server when I have time

Thanks for the IP as well that is what I actually started using after a bit of research.

15-04-2013, 07:04
Either set your server to be its own resolver, or use google or opendns... Use opendns only if you setup an account as some of the protection/autocompletion stuff can interfere with certain operations and you can turn things on/off if you use an account.

14-04-2013, 17:07
I cannot answer all of your questions but you may wish to know that I use OpenDNS which is and

As Macole said, Google have public DNS servers available on and

I believe that the OVH DNS server is

14-04-2013, 16:23

Both of mine had this as default:

[root@mail ~]# cat /etc/resolv.conf                        

14-04-2013, 16:05
I have found OVH DNS servers pretty crappy, slow and sometimes unresponsive.

The first thing I do when I get a new server is set them to and (google' DNS)


13-04-2013, 23:35

What is the default DNS Server that a OVH Pro server is installed with on a fresh install please?

I have been fiddling about and have lost the address now I want to revert back to how my server was setup after the Server 2012 install originally.

Many thanks and why are there soo many different OVH DNS servers? there seem to be soo many, I know it adds redundancy and resilience, do they each host diffent DNS records, ie domains on some, kimsufi on another and then Professional servers on another?

Is there a complete list of all OVH DNS servers that we can use and can anyone recommend a decent DNS Benchmark program?

How well do OVH DNS servers perform when compared to another DNS provider such as OpenDNS?

Many thanks