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iPlayer on iPhone woes / Akamai CDN

17-05-2013, 19:32

I have a dedicated machine with OVH and have a UK IP address on it. I use it as a VPN endpoint and for just about everything it works very nicely.

The UK IP address does the trick for iPlayer for everything except the iPhone version which fails to play ... it sits there for a while and eventually comes back with a not enough bandwidth message, which seems to be a catch-all type message.

I've had a look at the traffic and actually it gets a HTTP 'Forbidden' response from one of the Akamai servers. My guess is that the Akamai CDN ends up providing a France based node to access and the BBC presumably haven't distributed the content globally (why would they?) hence the Forbidden message.

The comms does seem to be to a server in France, whereas a working version (from a genuinely UK based server) communicates to a server in the UK.

That's all my theory at this stage. But it effectively means that I can't use the OVH servers as one of the most used things is iPlayer on phones and ipads.

Does anyone else have the same problem?
Has anyone got it working?

Any ideas of things I could try?

Many thanks,