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vss-6a-6k ovh staff what is wrong with it?

07-06-2013, 11:55
indeed, 2-3MB/sec is definitely not right, so we would like to have a look. Could you send the mtr result for the route that's having such small throughput?

07-06-2013, 06:20
i am not renewing them it will solve the problem quicker than investigating. 2-3MB/sec is a joke.

29-05-2013, 13:43
sorry for the delay, guys. We missed this thread. be honest, I haven't had any reports of issues like this, nor there is any incident regarding this, as far as I'm aware.

Could we study a case more closely? Could you, turbanator, send the servers you're finding these problems with, so we can run some tests and contact the engineers with the logs? You can send a message to the support, quoting this thread.


28-05-2013, 07:06 is the internal network connection thing, you can see on the network maps the intern switches.

27-05-2013, 23:00
any help ovh staff? ignorance is not appreciated here

25-05-2013, 06:46

this did not help either!

25-05-2013, 06:33
wth is this ip?

this is traceroute that i am running on my 10Gbps to the 1Gbps..the speeds are 3-4MB/sec what is going on ?

0 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 1.253 ms * *
2 ( 0.479 ms * *

this is traceroute running on my 1Gbps box to the 1Gbps above and the speeds are 80MB/sec

30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 0.349 ms * *
2 ( 0.416 ms * *

24-05-2013, 08:03
idk but im getting weirdness happen on my 10gbit server too :/

goes via something weird, looks like im behind OVH firewall or something :/

24-05-2013, 05:13
nothing from ovh-staff?

22-05-2013, 04:48
I am getting <10MB/sec from Gbit ovh servers in the 46.105.132-142 range to 178.33.225.* range (10gbit server) but tested to other 10gbit and gbit servers that go through vss-4a-6k instead and the speeds are 80-90MB/sec

I used to get those speeds about a week ago but since then just garbage sometimes even 1-2MB/sec.