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nice reverse dns ovh :D

27-05-2013, 18:51
Arbor is awesome , iv'e got one too for my local racks, good product.
I hope it will be able to assign arbor protected IP as main server IP for EG/MG/HG ranges.

25-05-2013, 10:08
yep internal is/was bad regardless of this.

its a 10gbit RBX server.

25-05-2013, 09:07
Internal shouldn't be touched by the anti-DDoS system, it makes sense to only be operating on edge routers. Considering people experience bad internal speeds even before this I would say it's likely unrelated.

25-05-2013, 01:38
its screwing internal speeds too!

25-05-2013, 00:08
I agree it would be a nice addition by default, but I'm guessing only if you have beefy servers?

24-05-2013, 22:37
I asked Oles if it would cost a few times and never got a reply. It would be nice if they did offer this for free as I feel it's something every customer should be protected from and not have to fork out additional costs for given how infrequently they happen to most people. I get maybe one a year or so from skiddies. I can't afford 29/month + 150 for a basic firewall that won't even cover my full 1Gbps pipe...

24-05-2013, 20:27
I follow Oles on Twitter and I've noticed them setting up a new firewall system using arbor and tilera. From what I gather, they are protecting the entire network from common attacks and not just people that order an additional firewall. This is just an assumption on my behalf from the information I've read on his twitter. I am unsure if this service incurs an additional costs. Here is an example..

olesovhcom @elraro21 you are getting a synflood. I've activated the arbor on your IP. ]


olesovhcom #Ovh we are building the anti-DDoS network based on Cisco Nexus 7009, ASR 9001, #Tilera and #Arbor. 3x 160Gbps

24-05-2013, 06:57

very nice

oh and i don't have a firewall either, so NFI what this is about :/