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Server migration help

24-05-2013, 14:25
I'm considering moving to a new server but I have a question about rsync and what to exclude when transferring data.

This is the what my rsync exclude file currently looks like:

Is there anything else I should add? The server I will be moving to will be identical to the one I have now (SP 32G) and will be running Debian 7. The reason why I'm considering moving is because I have some speed issues with my current server that support cannot seem to resolve and they suggested a migration.

My download speed from my current server is always stuck at ~30mbps per download (parallel downloads will wield my max speed) whereas another server at OVH will give me ~70mbps from a single download. I created an incident with OVH over a week ago and had someone from support run numerous tests, including going into rescue mode and using iperf but they cannot find a problem within their network. So my only other option is to try a migration.