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New Distribution: Fedora 19 "Schrödinger's Cat"

04-07-2013, 20:07
It both is and isn't RedHat until you come to compile something.

04-07-2013, 19:03
Love MariaDB!

04-07-2013, 16:59

This morning we released the latest Fedora distribution version 19, which came out barely 24 hours ago under the name "Schrödinger's Cat".
The Fedora distributions are always full of novelties and innovations - it's kind of like the playground for the RedHat biosphere developers. What is good and stable will most probably find its way into future RHEL versions (and thus CentOS too), as well as other distributions.

Even if most of the innovations relate to the desktop, there are also some notable changes without graphical environment:
- MariaDB replaces MySQL as the "recommended DBMS"
- Ruby 2.0.0 (in addition to Ruby 1.9.3)
- BIND 10, the successor of the famous BIND 9, rewrittten from scratch
- 100% systemd, with the latest functionalities included such as :Resource Control:

For your information, here are some other software versions available with "Schrödinger's Cat":
- GCC 4.8
- OpenJDK8 (in preview)
- OpenStack Grizzly
- PHP 5.5
- Apache 2.4.4

For more details on this new distribution that we are offering you in 64 bit, on both ordering and reinstallation, see the "Release Notes"

as well as a very informative article from "The H":

This distribution is currently available from OVH in beta version, please do not hesitate to leave us you comments here.

Best wishes,