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New Distribution: Arch Linux (autoinstaller)

04-07-2013, 17:34

We have just added a new distribution to the choice of reinstallations in the Manager: Arch Linux (autoinstaller) (BETA)

So what's it all about?

Arch Linux, a rolling release distribution, is actually shifting a lot, and it's good. We have been updating the distribution image regularly (every 2-3 months) so we could always offer the latest distribution - but it wasn't always enough.

At times, 1 or 2 months would be enough to have so many updates piling up, that pacman (the Arch packet manager) would be overwhelmed and a manual repair by the admin would be required.

From now on, we will avoid this type of problem by always installing the latest version available on the official repositories, using an automated installation procedure.

So you will always have the very latest version of Arch Linux when you reinstall or order a server!

For time being, this distribution is marked as "Beta", but we have already validated the correct operation on a multitude of in-house profiles, and we are confidant that it will soon be declared stable, and will soon thus replace the existing Arch Linux image (dating back to March 2013).

Please do not hesitate to leave us your feedback or any suggestions for improvement here.

Best wishes,