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Down again?

23-07-2013, 15:45
From the service status page it was planned work, although the downtime itself wasn't planned.

23-07-2013, 12:11
Looking back through our logs I can see quite a few errors connecting from our remote monitoring site at around midnight.


23-07-2013, 10:59
Yeah it was only a short outage. was out, the forums was out and all servers silent...
Lasted probably 10 mins absolute max.

23-07-2013, 10:51
From the time of your post, I am guessing this was just after midnight...

I can see a recurring theme here. My Servers (yes all of them) are checked for PING/DNS/HTTP every 5 minutes.

Last Wed/Thurs I lost connectivity on a server "6" for the tests at 00:05 and 00:10

Last night Mon/Tues I had the same issue and exact same time on servers 5 & 16.

Did access come back quickly, within a few minutes...?


23-07-2013, 01:26
More issues tonight?

Just lost access to all boxes