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Mailing Lists

31-07-2013, 10:06
at the moment, there are a few ml that some of our customers register on:

some quite active, and yes, things are in both French and English, depending of who is posting. They are meant to provide some support and information between subcrivers, and the language is irrelevant (with google translator, you can understand what they say, and they won't have any problem on understanding written english at all) .

In any case, no, there is nowhere to find the list of all the mailing lists. In many cases, like in the case of the BHS mailing list, it's not very active anymore. Some ml are just for a period of time, to get quick feedback from customers and afterwards, they are not used anymore.

30-07-2013, 18:35
They should make web interface to that so you could explore those lists not like being in 90s

I signed up to this BHS thing in the past and it was disaster to my mailbox and almost impossible to get track of what's going on...

I guess it was useful in 90s where almost nobody had internet access, but now it is useless.

30-07-2013, 17:42
When BHS was in beta I was on the mailing list for that - there was some English stuff that was helpful but quite a lot of French.

I still sometimes get emails from it, getting on a year or so later.


30-07-2013, 16:48
Hi All,

I have read in a couple of threads about mailing lists for OVH "Stuff". Examples are the dDOS/VAC and another about the OVH-API development.

Is there a list of these somewhere?

How much of what goes on there is in English...?

I try to keep up with this forum, but don't always get the time...

If there is no list, can one be arranged?

If not, can others please "list the lists" they know about...