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Fake advertising on OVH

02-08-2013, 18:51
The day I ordered my new box they took the money straight away too but its no big deal, your contact will not start until the day it is delivered.

02-08-2013, 17:56
Stop crying, I've had an order in since last Wednesday (26th July) and still not received my server.

I expected delays but my only issue is orders don't seem to be processed in order, I know of people that ordered long after me and had their server delivered within 72 hours.

Prioritizing orders would be appreciated! It's rather annoying seeing people order and receive there servers almost instantly when I've been waiting for over a week.

02-08-2013, 12:59
I read your post and your order is still being processed.

We are experiencing major backlogs on this reference. Our production team is doing its best to deliver the servers at the earliest. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused but you might not get your server before next week.

02-08-2013, 12:53
Phone lines are not working there is a post about this. Email is working fine.

2nd its * and it says numbers might not be right. They said there just can not make the servers in time same as when they gave the beta ones away in the usa it get better.

I put two orders in a 10 min window there was over 1000 numbers apart.

They taken your money but you not getting billed so if you get the server if 2 weeks you not losing anything. If your not happy email them and get a refund.

02-08-2013, 12:38
you can never trust ovh stock level counter and setup time availability due to the amount of orders they have received over the past week or so. As they are having a huge demand for the 2013 range of servers..

02-08-2013, 12:30
Hi ,

I think it would be good to share my experience with ovh .
I had few servers over the year on different Nic handle ( FRENCH , english ) etc..and never had a problem.
Since few weeks , I am taking few servers due to the desire to open my own company . ( ) and took a vps and kimsuffi before the offer.
Last week i saw the offer ( Ks ) and ( MSP ) AND it look very interesting . When i saw the delay for the KS i thought i would take a MSP so would be more interesting ( Pro ) and shorted delivery . On the website it say 1 first data center 72 hours ( Roubaix ) and the second one 24hours which i selected .Also it says in stock ( 32 ) . It is A LIE . I still didnt receive it and it's over now 2/3 days for the delivery without news . And the worse , THEY took the money on my account straight away. They do fake advertising saying it's 24 hours with 32 in stock , when they don't have ANY and take the money knowing it . What kind of company does that?? And since 3 DAYS the phone line support for commercial and technical is OFF not working.l That is not normal . I am trying to open my company with A supposed good company . No this is illegal Fake advertising saying you have in stock taking my money , turning off the phone and leave me like this .

My order is : order (no. 21536438) in case ovh is reading it.