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Help Required, Linux for Beginner

05-08-2013, 23:43
Quote Originally Posted by Trapper
For starters, I'd like to know the best ways to access them, and later how to perform some specific tasks.~Trap
First things first: Change the password.

It's listed how to do that.

Next, remove rtm (ovh software) as it sends process lists back to OVH, which I see as breach of privacy.

See image: (not yet removed on this server, haven't yet moved the installation over to a clean debian)

Most of the time, this is in /usr/local/rtm, and it has a crontab entry.

You're going to want to do this:

nano /etc/crontab

comment out the rtm line (put a hash # infront) or just delete the line entirely.

cd /usr/local

rm -rfv rtm/ (ensure the slash is at the end, and not at the start, lest you nuke your install)

The other option is using debootstrap to shift to a fully clean debian install, which is what I normally do but is overkill.

as for tasks, you'd have to give specifics if you wan't a guide writeup from one of us

05-08-2013, 19:18

05-08-2013, 18:38
To connect for the first time you'll want to use Putty ( to connect to the SSH. Just put in the IP and username/password that OVH send you.

Then you'll want to change the password, type:
passwd root
and enter a new password - that'll work on Debian and Ubuntu (which is based on Debian).

I think for Ubuntu there is a way to connect to the GUI desktop - but I am not sure how to do it on OVH - I think it might be x2go?

As I have said before though, I don't use Linux that much (I am more a Windows server guy) but I have had to use them so you pick up these things.


05-08-2013, 18:14
Hi All,

I have been using PC's since Dos 5 / Windows 3...

Now with the new KS Ranges, the time has come to learn something new.

I need some pointers on how to access and operate my two new KS2G's:

Ubuntu Desktop 12.04
Debian 7.

For starters, I'd like to know the best ways to access them, and later how to perform some specific tasks.

I hope we could build this into a "How To" for *nix noobs like me.