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08-08-2013, 08:48
lol thanks bud. not sure what the answers/correct answers thing is, must be a UK thing :/

07-08-2013, 10:13
I woke this morning with my now daily routine of checking the OVH Forum.

I soon noticed that "Thelen" was on fire today...

His first reminds me that "Answers" cost 10.... And "Correct Answers" are 50..!

Quote Originally Posted by Thelen
10 days you'll find is a common answer atm. When it comes is another answer.
The other two speak for themselves...

Quote Originally Posted by Thelen
...go to softlayer or rackspace and pay them $1000 per server with specs that will never change and support that will come to your house and clean your toilet as well.
Quote Originally Posted by Thelen
Seriously, you guys have your heads so far up your backsides its amazing you don't have a head within a head.
...Thelen, you have made my morning, even though I spilt my coffee laughing...