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Nameserver settings for domain to point to VPS

08-08-2013, 16:14
Fair point! I've read lots of docs and done a fair bit of research and have concluded that you're right - keep it simple. I've stuck with my external registrar-provided nameserver.

Thanks for helping me out.


08-08-2013, 00:50
Hi Adam,

what are you trying to achieve?
all you want is to have to point to your new VPS?
If yes, than the easiest is to just go back to your other provider, where you have the domain registered, keep using their DNS server, and create an A record pointing to you VPS's IP address

If you do all this, and wait a bit (TTL) to sync this to you and other people, you will be able to reach your VPS on the domain name

07-08-2013, 23:20
I'm not convinced that my actions are the best (or even right!) way to configure my domain name to point to my VPS.

Can anyone point me to a definitive setup doc for this process, or humour me and walk me through it? My previous hosting company provided specific nameservers and so there wasn't a need to configure anything on the VPS itself.

Sorry to be needy!



07-08-2013, 22:47
HI Adam,

This will allow you to set up and run a dns server on your VPS

07-08-2013, 22:25
What I've done is this:

My VPS is:
So I've entered: as my first nameserver entry,
and: as my second nameserver entry.

I've used the OHV manager to add my specific domain name to the secondary DNS server.

Can anyone confirm whether this is correct, or whether I've done something stupid?



07-08-2013, 22:11
Hi Jadrake

do you want to run name servers, or do you just want to use the VPS to web or something server

if the second than all you need to do is set up the domain to point to your IP address

if you need more than that or your "other" provider does not give you name servers than i think you need to provide more details

07-08-2013, 22:01
Ok, so this is probably a daft question, but hey!

I've just purchased my first VPS and am ready to point my domain name (registered elsewhere) to my VPS.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out what settings to use! I need 2 nameservers to enter into my registrar's database.

Can someone help please?