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Delivery update for FS servers

20-08-2013, 13:35
Update on 19/08/13:

We are working on the backlog, which should be cleared by the end of the week.

We'll deliver FS servers within 1 hour from next week.

19-08-2013, 12:31

The latest update is:

FS: We still have 101 servers deliver. reverse and internal profile is corrected (to remove KS)

16-08-2013, 18:48
We haven't had any update on the deliveries estimates today. Yesterday was bank holiday, and for many business in France (including our suppliers), also today. Even though, our production line has carried on delivering servers, as it'll do over the weekend.

From next week, we expect to get supplies at full speed again and many servers should be delivered.

15-08-2013, 16:24
Update on the 15th of August:

Oles ‏@olesovhcom 6:01 AM - 15 Aug 13
#OVH Today we plan to deliver only 500 servers: mSP/SP SBG+RBX, FS-24T GRA and some others.
Note: it's bank holiday in France

14-08-2013, 16:54
Oles ‏@olesovhcom 9:38 PM - 13 Aug 13
the servers FS-24T are in the bench: we test the hardware. then we deliver it. ETA: today/tomorrow (disk 4TB are long to bench).
So, this is the closest estimated time for FS servers

08-08-2013, 12:48
Oles ‏@olesovhcom 10:51 AM - 7 Aug 13
FS: between tomorrow and Sunday.
it's the closest we have to an estimated time