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Create DNS Zone

10-08-2013, 15:17
After all that seems you can't put in your own personal IP's to test something. Looks like its back to waiting for the server to finally be done :-)

10-08-2013, 15:07
As always, had an idea after I posted on a forum asking for help. Looked in quick actions and found away of deleting the domain I couldn't see through the icons. After deleting, tried what I thought was the exact same procedure above and it worked straight away...


10-08-2013, 14:32
Hi Guys,

I added a domain (With no hosting as I am STILL waiting on the server I ordered almost 2 weeks ago) which is not hosted at OVH and it showed up pretty quick, I think I created Zones and shortly after I could look at the DNS zones and edit/delete etc.

Well that was a few days ago and I added a different domain today and it showed up pretty quick, I tried to create zones, which gave me an error, but I am sure it gave me that before on the time it worked. Now two hours later my DNS Zones still has a "no entry" sign?? I can't create zones as it says "This domain is already configured on our system".

Am I missing something I did before correctly or is it just a waiting game for some of OVH's systems to sync up?

Many thanks for any help!