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Order still pending

11-08-2013, 23:26
Quote Originally Posted by nvanhaaster
Pending since 9/8/2012
LOL: Re-read. The 9th was two days ago, 9/8/2012 was a year and two days ago..!

11-08-2013, 23:21
Still 4 days to setup a RIPE block... Seems excessive....

Hoping the mods will see it here and sort it out..


11-08-2013, 23:14
I think with the Ripe Blocks you have to prove that you are not wasting valuable IP's. So the "Verify" may be that rather than payment...

Just a guess...

11-08-2013, 22:57
My order for a 4 IP RIPE block is still pending. The order states "We manually verify...." I paid by OVH loyalty credits so shouldnt really need to be verified.

Anyway order number: 21877410

Pending since 9/8/2012