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renewal and delivery update questions

14-08-2013, 22:15
Thats a very good point , and I am in the same boat..
Renewed mine few days before the promo , and now seems like I will have to renew it again on the old price, while waiting for the new server..
Which seems like wasted money

14-08-2013, 19:34
Order Number in Progress: : 21515869

Hi there I understand you have back orders in the thousands but I need to know some information that has not been answered yet

I currently have a kimsufi server 8g that was due for expiry on the 13th August and needed a hardware upgrade, So purchased a new SP 32gb server
with 2 weeks spare to do my migraiting of server to the new 1, after purchasing my 8g the order was delivered within a couple of hours so assumed I had plenty of time based on your website statting 24 - 72 hours ok after reading through the forum and emails back and forth I soon discovered how wrong I was for going with estimated time of arrivals.

However now I am stuck on renewing my current server on a day by day basis which will get expensive especially as the prices are based on the prices I originally took my order out on effectively costing me 40 a month for an 8g kimsufi server where as the new prices are 20 for a 16 gb version.

Is there not a renewal package you can offer that reflects cheaper prices as in all fairness I did plan within plenty of time to migraite my current server to the new 1 based on your published guidelines, admittedly this was just done on what you see when ordering and not researching into the forums or reading websites currently flaming your delivery times.

I have recently learnt that modifying my order to 100 mbps connection will increase the chances of delivery quicker which I have done my order was placed very early am on the 30th July.

Can you please give a more specific delivery time based on my order info so that I can make a renewal of my current server based on that and not just guessing all my communications with yourself has been experiencing high volume in orders please expect 1 - 10 days delivery time after 10 days it was said to be last friday- Sunday well it is now wednesday going on Thursday and I have had no updated time your predicted times have expired and slowly draining more money from myself.

Can you not add a renewal system for 5 for 10 days etc on current order obviously price to reflect current charges per server etc. Or better still let us keep our current servers free of charge until new order is ready giving 24 hours to transfer data. when new system is up.

Sorry to be another person asking for eta but like a business this is for you it is also a business for me as soon as we dont make a payment on the schedule in your eyes you cut our service off ( I discovered this today ) Even though I have paid for a service I have not been given yet.

Which I understand you dont pay then you dont get a service but forgiveness is expected to only be 1 way we have to forgive you on you not being able to fulfill orders that you have received payment for for whatever reason and yet we cant be forgiven for 24 hours of none payment and on top of that we have to pay extra than what your currently sell servers to to your new customers + any payment processing fees on daily renewal.

questions I would like answered

When will my SP server be accessible by me order number : 21515869 to a day not an estimation considering I have just modified it.

If not by Friday can I have a discounted renewal price on current server to reflect current prices or even a free renewal I am loosing money off of your services, I am currently loosing members that use my server because I have put up temp gaming maps for them so I can build and configure new server on the back end of current server. I spent $150 promoting the new launch of my new server which was not ready in the 2 weeks I expected based on your published guidelines so had to cancel my none refundable promotion bid.

What exactly are we waiting on now is it hardware from a 3rd party or installation on your end.

Regards Gareth