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Backing up OpenVZ VPS to image

20-08-2013, 15:30
as they are already openvz, i have a few openvz containers on a proxmox set up, i could try the above physical to container tutorial i posted for you and see if it works when i try to reimport it if you want ?

20-08-2013, 13:34
from ovh, we don't provide that option I'm afraid. But you may be able to do the image yourself and back it up, though we cannot give you support for that. Maybe other forum users can help you.


15-08-2013, 14:19
Theres a few tutorials out there, technically the below process might work

Process on converting a physical machine into a container.

14-08-2013, 20:20
I've got the cheapest VPS:

I am configuring it on my own needs, but can I later download this image, or dd from /dev somehow to get image and use it as container for OpenVZ?