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New customer ... do I see it right ?!?

16-08-2013, 13:53
Ah it doesn't make a difference to me anyway .. Server can be in anywhere - just something I noticed

16-08-2013, 13:52
Hi Gomjaba, welcome to the forum...

Quote Originally Posted by Gomjaba
... It seems to be installed in RBX even though I have chosen Easter France....
This is a little confusing, but I think this is because:

SBG is considered Western France
GRA is considered Northern France

The network connectivity is great too, so you probably will not notice the difference.


16-08-2013, 12:55

This is me waiting for my servers

16-08-2013, 12:49
Quote Originally Posted by Gomjaba
Thanks guys * leans back and relaxes * ..
Good choice

16-08-2013, 12:30
Thanks guys * leans back and relaxes * ..

16-08-2013, 12:20
As ezdub said, you will not start paying until the second the server gets deployed. Your billing date will just start from that point, even though they have already taken payment. This process is normal. For instance I ordered mine on 26/07 and it was delivered on 06/08 - my billing date started from 06/08.

If you are in no rush, just wait you will get your server eventually and you will NOT regret it

OVH are usually extremely good in getting servers out within the specified time, they are just so over run at the moment they cannot cope with the demand. They also have a bottleneck with the server components. Once everything has been sorted and ironed out you won't have any issues.

16-08-2013, 11:59
even though they have taken payment now. Your actual billing cycle will not star until the server is deployed.

Also normally OVH are one of the best out there, they just to be having some product problems at the moment. I would stay with it as once you get the server you wont be disappointed

16-08-2013, 11:50
OVH was recommended to me so to test it first, I ordered the smallest one (mSP). It seems to be installed in RBX even though I have chosen Easter France.

Anyway, now I read all sorts of horror stories about deliver times. I noticed OVH took payment immediately so I am wondering, even though it might not be urgent in my case - are we expected to pay for the service day #1 but might not receive the server within the first month ?

If that is the case then I might just cancel again.