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Best things to come out of France?

16-08-2013, 20:32
She normally boxes off Peroni, maybe she got wind of my £6 investment in 2 servers ha.

16-08-2013, 20:29
Carling that is harsh......unless you have 24 cans

16-08-2013, 20:22
The Girlfriend in on a hen night so I am left with a choice of 2 ready meals and some Carling.

16-08-2013, 20:14
Singapore noodles i recommend

16-08-2013, 19:56
Quote Originally Posted by S0phie

What about wine and cheese?
Had to read that twice I actually thought it said wine and chinese!

I must be hungry.

16-08-2013, 19:42
Don't forget Belgium beer as well, quite a few fans of that at OVH

16-08-2013, 19:40
I like French women as well, they are very nice, even better than French cheese

16-08-2013, 19:00
LGB's (Little Green Bottles - esp. "33 Export")

Eurostar (comes out of France fast and regular)

(Proper) Coissants (and Pain au Chocolat - not the rubbish you get over 'ere)


16-08-2013, 18:50
"I can have a go at the French cause Iím half French half English with a stupid name like Gervais. No I am, Iím half French half English and um Iíve got qualities of both, French and English which is good, so umÖ I am crap in bed but at least Iíve got bad breath."

16-08-2013, 18:11

What about wine and cheese?

16-08-2013, 17:39
OVH Servers and ice cold Kronenbourg! Hic

Have a good weekend all.