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Billed with VAT even though I have EU VAT number

18-08-2013, 08:34
As trapper said, the normal process regarding VAT in the UK is to pay it and claim it back. I believe however that once OVH know, they deduct it every month from your invoice, I think it's done through the IE office.

17-08-2013, 16:32
If you have a valid VAT number, then you can buy without VAT in certain circumstances. It is mainly influenced by the Countries which are "buying" and "selling". If you are in England, and you are billed from England, then you have to pay the VAT and claim it back from the VAT Man...

So, it could be that you purchase is not eligible for this kind of transaction.

One of my clients asked the (UK) VAT Man for guidance, and in certain cases even they had to "look it up".



17-08-2013, 15:59
Did you tell them, and supply them the company details (scanned)?

17-08-2013, 13:19
Exactly, I registered as a company but my invoice was with VAT.

What should I do to get an invoice without VAT?

17-08-2013, 09:39
If you're a registered company, that's when they can remove VAT AFAIK

17-08-2013, 08:44
I noticed that when I ordered 16G, I had to pay 19.99 + 3.92 VAT, even though I have valid EU VAT number, it's even stated on invoice.
Why is OVH billing me with VAT?

Just asking, because later (after we get 16G delivered and everything is good) we would like to order some SP/MP servers, but we would like to get invoiced without VAT. Is this possible?